LandGlass Technology Co. Ltd.

LandGlass Technology Co. Ltd is a technology company specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality equipment for the flat glass industry and specialised in the production of highly integrated toughening equipment for the production of safety glass in flat or curved form.

Through a series of innovations and developments, Landglass is able to present a tailor-made solution for each tempering requirement from the glass industry.

LandGlass always follows the motto in all its activities

„For a better and safer life“

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m² Intelligent production area


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The new range of Cyclone™ tempering machines

They have become an established product and a reference in the field of intelligent tempering of glass. With thirteen innovative technologies and almost one hundred technological developments, the new Cyclone is able to offer optimised flat and curved toughened glass solutions for the architectural, furniture, automotive, appliance and renewable energy industries. The requirements for tempered glass are met in the highest quality.

JetConvection™ Tempering Furnaces

As a pioneer of forced convection technology, the JetConvection range offers very high quality and efficiency which is particularly evident in the tempering of high-performance low-E glass. LandGlass has twice been awarded with the ” National Patent Gold Award” for this technology. This made the JetConvection tempering furnace one of the most representative products in the field of forced convection glass tempering systems. To date, more than a thousand furnaces of this series have been sold in more than sixty countries, making this series one of the most legendary LandGlass products.

The new line of UltraJet™ tempering furnaces

The new UltraJet tempering product range, equipped with six major innovations and incorporating the features and benefits of the classic LandGlass JetConvection furnace, meets all the requirements of a diversified demand. In both the architectural and furniture sectors, in the automotive industry, for household applications and renewable energies, both as flat glass and in curved form – this range guarantees the highest quality with outstanding production capacities.